Wind Blocker — the ad blocker
that really blocks

Wind Blocker is a comprehensive ad blocking extension that meets all of your expectations. It blocks pop-ups, flash banners, video ads, banners with malware code, and internet bugs collecting your personal information. Wind Blocker makes your browser absolutely ads-free.

What features our advertisement blocker can perform to you?

The Wind Blocker extension blocks website ads, pop-ups and video ads, increasing your browsing speed and saving you time and bandwidth. Built-in phishing protection guards against malicious sites which attempt to steal your information. The extension’s security and privacy settings are accessible via a single click from your browser, putting you in control of your online experience.

The three main benefits
of using Wind Blocker


No more popups and overlays

Blocking pop-ups may interfere with some websites: Some websites, including some banking sites, use pop-ups for important features. Blocking all pop-ups disables such features. To allow specific websites to use pop-ups, while still blocking all others, you can add those specific websites to the list of allowed sites.

Escape advertising trackers

Wind Blocker blocks third-party trackers and helps you avoid being tracked across the internet. Our tracker blocker stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit. The internet has become more secure.


No more annoying ads

Our intention with this tool is to support you so that your navigation is totally transparent with what you want to see and click at the moment. This extension is essential on any computer in your family or work network, as it will make all the sites you like to browse free of unwanted advertisements and ads.

Browser extension

Wind Blocker - and all annoying ads are out! Browser extension Wind Blocker is a free web browser extension, which blocks all annoying ads with no exceptions. Unlike its rivals it doesn't come with a predefined whitelist.


Enhance your online experience with
Wind Blocker